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Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky– A quick, free plagiarism detector to find student “swipes” from public online content

Do you ever find yourself suspecting plagiarism but you don’t have access to a for-fee plagiarism detection service like A good stand-in is Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky. Cut and paste a chunk of the text you suspect is plagiarized (several sentences should be enough), and click the I’m Feeling Lucky button located on the Google Homepage next to the default Google Search button. Instead of the usual search engine results, you’ll see a list of pages containing that same text, with the one containing the most matching text on top. This will not help you catch term papers purchased from paper mills unless another student has published the paper online, but it will help you find the little swipes and wholesale dumps from Wikipedia, from online study guides, and from the free “teaser” papers that the paper mills put out as window dressing.

Vicki Galloway Harsh
Sr Academic Trainer and Consultant

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