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This blog is the product of the Academic Training and Consulting (ATC) team at Pearson eCollege.

In this blog, you will find interesting ideas, great links and engaging online teaching concepts in both theory and application.  In the upcoming weeks and months, you’ll get some quality resources to bolster your online class as well as some ideas to challenge your current ways of being and doing. You’ll read about research, assessment, Web 2.0, rubrics, the semantic web, leadership, teams and communication, just to name a few potential posts.  We’ll talk wikis, chat, discussions, images, Podcasts, video, screencasting and much, much more.

You can expect to read prose, research, and thought provoking arguments from industry expert academic trainers, consultants, and instructors:

  • Gail E. Krovitz, Ph.D. - Director of Academic Training & Consulting / Anthropology & Biology Instructor
  • Brian Epp, M.Ed. - Assessment & Analytics Group Manager
  • Rob Kadel, Ph.D. - Teaching & Learning Group Manager / Sociology Instructor
  • Jeff Borden, Ph.D. - Senior Director of Teaching & Learning / Communications & Theater Instructor
  • Deb Corso-Larson, M.A. - Academic Trainer & Consultant
  • Rachel Cubas, M.Sc. - Academic Trainer & Consultant / Leadership & Management Instructor
  • Jennifer Golightly, Ph.D. - Academic Trainer & Consultant / English Instructor
  • Pam Kachka, M.A. - Academic Trainer & Consultant
  • Anthony Rivas, M.A. - Academic Trainer & Consultant
  • Kimberly Thompson, M.A. - Academic Trainer & Consultant
Brian Epp, M.Ed. - Assessment & Analytics Group ManagerBrian Epp, M.Ed. - Assessment & Analytics Group ManageBrian Epp, M.Ed. - Assessment & Analytics Group Managerr
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