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Movie Time!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words....let's see how true that is.  I'd like to present you with about 10,000,000 pictures (including sound!) to see if you think it's worth it. 

Here are a collection of my favorite YouTube videos.  They are educational, entertaining, funny, fascinating, and all around helpful when it comes to teaching & learning.  At least I feel that way.  See what you think of this collection.  (I don't think it will take more than 1 hour to watch them (with the exception of the Randy Pausch lecture...) - great serious game created by FAS & Sony! - interesting physics software / application - Do schools kill creativity?  Ken Robinson explains... - Educational uses of 2nd Life - more Educational uses of 2nd Life - Social bookmarking in Plain English - Social networking in Plain English - Teacher Tube on YouTube! - The Last Lecture: Randy Pausch - A Vision of Students Today - A Vision of K-12 Students TodaySee what you think of these...there are tens of thousands of other GREAT, educational videos on you use it to reach YOUR students yet?

Jeff D Borden, M.A.
Senior DIrector of Teaching & Learning